World of Warplanes flight academy takes off

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes school

Yesterday marked the first day of the World of Warplanes Weekly Community Flight Training School; a new training scheme to give you the leading edge when engaging your tangos.

Following in the footsteps of space-skirmishing MMO, EVE Online, who recently decided to run beginners courses for new adventurers, World of Warplanes has decided to launch a flight academy of its own. As the MMOFPS and its fan-base grows stronger, and the players gain more and more experience, that gap between a decorated dog-fighting veteran and a hangar-pilot earning their first set of wings has grown bigger and bigger.

To combat this, Wargaming have launched a weekly workshop; where players, regardless of skill, can get together and tune-up on some of the basics.

Community rep Pappabear and his squadron of Community Aces will take you through, week by week and teach you everything you need to know about aerial, digital warfare. From what to fly, to how to fly it, the Weekly Community Flight Training School will take you through it all, step by step, to ensure players take to the skies; armed with a solid set of fundamentals to keep them in the air for longer.

Talks of livestreaming the lessons and recording them for future beginners have already begun, so hopefully, one day, an archive of tutorials will be out there.

To take part in the classes, change your hangar's Battle Mode from "Standard Battle" to "Team Training" and join the "Community Flight Training" lobby.

You can attend the Flight Training sessions every Monday, from 5pm PST to 7pm PST.


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