World of Warplanes has gone airborne

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes launch

It's time to take to the skies as World of Warplanes goes live! After sheer months of trials and excitement, (and one heck of a launch party) World of Warplanes has taxied, rotated and is now on the ascent as Wargaming's air portion of the land, sea and air, MMO trifecta, that they're gradually releasing from their armory.

First slated for a launch date in September, World of Warplanes was pushed back, due to a desire from the developers to get the game playing as perfectly as possible, before handing over the yoke to the fans.

The "First to the Top" launch event is already under way, with the fastest climbers through the ranks winning up to 10 years of free premium membership.

The release of World of Warplanes brings with it the launch of WarGaming's Unified Premium Account; an account that will give you premium access to both World of Warplanes, and their original Military MMOFPS, World of Tanks. Presumably, when the upcoming nautical representative, World of Warships is launched, the Unified Account will encompass all 3.

World of Warplanes screenshot

Beta testers will lose a few of their advancements, in order to level the playing-field. Planes, Crew, Modules, Ammo, Equipment, Consumables, Camo, Nose-art, Credits, Stats, Achievements and Research have all been dialed back to entry level, but promo aircraft and purchasable's that you earned during the beta will carry over, so the skies will still be aware that you're top-dog.

Other rewards for beta testers include: testers medals, award emblems, gift planes and premium account time, in exchange for all your earned tokens.

Jolly good chaps. Now, chocks away!


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