World of Warplanes update flies in enhanced controls, new flight model

By Michael Jamias
world of warplanes controls flight model upgrade

World of Warplanes, the still-in-beta aerial combat MMORPG, receives a major update that improves its mouse controls and flight model.

The improved mouse controls should help pilots maneuver their planes better in World of Warplanes, according to developer Developers patterned the controls more closely to actual flying, so that players will also need to pay attention to the same details as a real-world pilot.

Meanwhile, the overhauled flight model should infuse more dynamism to the gameplay.

World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikau said that it took the development team six months to perfect the flight model. Airplane graphics and the camera system received the most attention in this update. Airplane rpg fans will notice the new authentic feel of the airplanes through the use of new shaders as well as more realistic paint effects.

Both improvements are aimed to allow players “to focus less on their efficiency in piloting and more on their mastery of technical skills,” said Flights should feel friendlier to the casual crowd and should prove to be more responsive.

These enhancements are also explained in greater detail in this new developer diary video: also highlights a so-called predictive feature between the player and the flight interface that should deepen the flight experience in World of Warplanes.


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