World of Warplanes is looking for stunt pilots

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes campaign

If you think you're a Spielberg of the skies, a propeller-driven Peter Jackson or the the Tim Burton of barrel rolls, then mmo developers, Wargaming may have a task for you.

As part of the World of Warplanes 1.2 update, a new replay feature was added, allowing budding pilots to recap and perfect their dogfighting by looking back on their takedowns, evasions and last-ditch ejections over and over again.

The replay feature now has a completely different use though, as the World of Warplanes Community Team have headed to the game's forums, to ask their players to direct their next promotional trailer.

The first two weeks of March saw the fans of the military mmofps taking to the skies in Soviet Air Defense Force aircraft, as part of their "On Track to the Yak" event, and since this got everyone's Yak piloting skills up to speed, it seemed the logical time to give the Yaks a screen test.

World of Warplanes Yak

The awesomely named "Yakety Yak for a Playback" campaign is calling upon players to edit their own Yak-themed trailers using the replay feature and pit them against each other to see which dogfighters also double as directors.

If you think you've got what it takes; head on over to the official forums by March 31st, and show them your best. The top 3 entrants will receive prize-pots, ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 in in-game Gold.


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