World of Warplanes places a bounty on its developers

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes bounty

While most people are settling down with their families over the holidays, and preparing to chow down on piles and piles of turkey dinner, the poor guys at the World of Warplanes office are hard at work, keeping all of your digital dogfighters in the skies. However, their boss has allowed them to let of a little steam, so expect to see some special aircraft occupying your airspace:

"Over the holidays, many of us will still be working! So at our expense and for your pleasure there will be a bounty on all WG staff."

Double bounties will be awarded to players that can shoot down any of the World of Warplanes staff members they find on the MMO over the holiday period.

The bounty hunt begins today, and will run until November 29th. 300 Gold will be awarded per bounty, with a maximum cap of 6 bounties; so that's 1800 gold, per player, up for grabs.

A comprehensive list of all of the staff members that will be playing the aerial RPG over thanksgiving, and when you can find them has been published on the Wargaming Forums.

Be sure to brag about your kills on the forums, with a screen-cap of both your Team Score and Personal Score pages, so you can collect your bonuses (and haze the staff, of course!).


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