World of Warplanes launches companion app

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes app

It's all happening at Wargaming. After successful launches last week of their final cut of World of Warplanes, and the launch of their comprehensive premium membership scheme, Wargaming have decided to release some more new stuff to accompany the new recruit in their run of military mmo games.

The World of Warplanes Assistant will allow pilots to track their performance, access aircraft stats and review previous dogfights, so they can strategize, on the go, and prepare for their next aerial assault.

This app will be of particular use at the moment for those competing in the World of Warplanes First to the Top event; where players are racing through the rankings, with the top climbers winning premium time for their Wargaming accounts. With the World of Warplanes assistant, you have live access to the mmo's ranking system and leader boards for each aircraft class, so if your rivals begin to overtake you, you'll find out sooner than Goose can say "Watch your Six, Maverick!"

It's still considered a trial phase at the moment, and hopes to include more specific data, news feeds and a more detailed comparison infrastructure in the near future.

The World of Warplanes Assistant is available now on iOS, with an Android version in the pipeline. Oh, and it's completely free!


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