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world of warplanes dogfighting contest
The skies of World of Warplanes will heat up in June as the flight action rpg hosts a weekly dogfighting contest throughout month.The World of Warplanes dogfighting contest will reward the mmorpg pilots that can rack up the most XP in a battle for either the P-51D Mustang or Bf 109 G. What's up for grabs for these elite dogfighters? Well, it's a lip-licking tier VIII Premium plane of their choice. For those who fall short of first place, th...
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Jun 02 2015
world of warplanes 1 7 update
To the bunkers! Ground troops won't have anywhere to hide with the release of World of Warplanes 1.7 update.This latest content dump unleashes a new branch of German ground attack planes across World of Warplanes, including the iconic Junkers Ju.87G Stuka and the Messerschmitt Me. 265 prototype. If you're craving for the more classic ground attack planes, then you might want to scour the lower tiers of the new branch. Meanwhile, those gunni...
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Feb 20 2015
world of warplanes aerobatic maneuvers videos
Wargaming has unveiled its lesson plan for December and it will focus on teaching MMORPG pilots how to pull off impressive aerobatic maneuvers. The World of Warplanes Flight School is gearing up to provide tips on how to do canopy rolls, basic loops combat turns and the jaw-dropping Immelmann turn. There will be four videos in total coming out this month, and fans who take notes and practice should be able to improve their aerial prowess. Of c...
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Dec 05 2014
world of warplanes update 1 6 launch
If the World of Warplanes Update 1.6 can be summed up by two words it would be: Russian and riveting.The Russian description is straightforward enough with the rollout of a new line of Tier 5 and higher Russian MiG fighters. This includes the MiG-3, MiG-9 and the legendary MiG-15bis, which was one of the world's first swept wing jet fighters to dominate the skies. These newly included Russian aircraft should hold up their own against the cur...
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Oct 24 2014
world of warplanes pve battle against bots
Tired of taking a beating in World of Warplanes PvP? Then you can practice against AI bots for less pressure but still enough challenge to improve your dogfighting skills in the aerial combat MMORPG.The new PvE battle type called Battle Against Bots enables pilots to team up with other human players and gun down an air fleet of AI bots. Beginner pilots are welcome in this mode, and is a great way to learn mechanics and practice before facing ...
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Aug 21 2014
world of warplanes drop update 1 4
Russia and Europe can now play World of Warplanes Update 1.4 or one day ahead of North America. The wait is especially excruciating for stateside mmo pilots that have been waiting for the update's main visual upgrade -- the ability to choose between the HD and SD versions depending on their needs. The HD version works great on high-performance computers, fleshing out planes and environments to amazing detail when graphics settings are maxed. Mea...
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Jun 03 2014
world of warplanes american
Stats, battle replay updates and a new branch of American, heavy, fighter craft are headed your way in World of Warplanes update 1.3. World of Warplanes is barely out of the hangar doors, but new content and updates for the aerial mmo are appearing on the radar thick and fast. With the 6 week old, 1.2 update still sitting in its wake, update 1.3 is now here, and has some great new stuff for you to play with. The developers at Wargaming hav...
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Apr 24 2014
world of warplanes campaign
If you think you're a Spielberg of the skies, a propeller-driven Peter Jackson or the the Tim Burton of barrel rolls, then mmo developers, Wargaming may have a task for you. As part of the World of Warplanes 1.2 update, a new replay feature was added, allowing budding pilots to recap and perfect their dogfighting by looking back on their takedowns, evasions and last-ditch ejections over and over again. The replay feature now has a completely di...
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Mar 24 2014
world of warplanes combat missions
World of Warplanes Update 1.2 goes live tomorrow, and will introduce a set of challenging combat missions to keep your trigger finger happy. You'll need to shoot down squadrons of enemy warplanes and outmaneuver opponents with your fancy flying skills to complete the listed requirements per combat mission. At stake are cool rewards that will help raise your combat stats or items to make your planes look a little bit cooler. With the World of Wa...
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Mar 05 2014
world of warplanes update 1 2 esports
Wargaming is determined to make World of Warplanes' eSports tournaments the splashiest in the pro circuit, and a big part of the groundwork is coming online in the upcoming Update 1.2. Developers plan to implement enhanced camera effects specifically to spice up the live streaming sessions during eSports tournaments, which are planned to launch this year. Players will also be given the option to view match replays to learn about their mistakes a...
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Feb 06 2014