World of Warcraft accounts compromised by Trojan virus

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft trojan virus

A Trojan virus has run rampant in World of Warcraft and may have compromised accounts in the fantasy online rpg.

Blizzard has alerted its millions of mmorpg subscribers that a dangerous Trojan, which as of this posting has already been removed, was being used by malicious hackers to steal account information and authenticator password.

Once the hackers got a hold of this key login information, there's really little stopping them from exploiting the compromised accounts.

The usual modus operandi here is that the World of Warcraft accounts are stripped of items and gold, which are then sold by the hackers to third-party gold sellers. Some even suspect third-party gold sellers to be the masterminds behind the Trojan virus.

Whoever the hackers may be, Blizzard reiterates that the best defense against this particular Trojan virus is to run a scan for it using this specific method. This is because the Trojan is sneaky enough to evade most virus scans and security programs.

Blizzard suggests that the virus may have infiltrated your PC system when you installed addons or programs, so be sure to send these info to customer support since these may help track down the virus.


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