Celebrate Thanksgiving with World of Warcraft

By Tam Mageean
world of warcraft thanksgiving

It's all about filling your elven bellies in World of Warcraft this week. As Thanksgiving draws closer, Blizzard asks the question, "Why settle with just one Turkey Dinner?". From today until December 2nd you can make your way to any of Azeroth's Capital cities or large Horde/Alliance towns and share food, stories and thanks with all the Elves, Orcs and Gnomes you desire.

The annual festival, Pilgrim's Bounty has returned to World of Warcraft, and brings with it a cornucopia of quests, activities and seasonal items, allowing you to celebrate the day, the MMO way.

This year's festive, daily quests will have you scouring the hills and vales for ingredients, as you cook for the NPC's of the capitals, with the assistance of you Pilgrim's cook book. If you'd rather eat, than cook; tables have been heavily laden with magical food and good company. Players will take on the properties of certain food on the table, if they eat five or more helpings of it, and if you eat five helpings of everything, you'll get a 10% reputation buff for the next hour.

Bountiful Feasts can be purchased from vendors, which will provide you with everything you need to create buff-inducing picnics for your group, when on the move.

For added authenticity, pilgrim's clothing and turkey companions have returned to the MMORPG, once again and, if you can gain all 9 thanksgiving achievements, you will even gain the title of "Pilgrim". Check out the World of Warcraft pages on battle.net for information on how to gain each achievement.



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