World of Warcraft 5.4 class buffs and nerfs dissected

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft patch 5 4 class changes

Lead systems designer Ghostcrawler takes us through the changes hitting each World of Warcraft class come Patch 5.4.

Blood Death Knights got a damage and cooldown boost, helping them become more powerful and solid tanks. The same goes for their tank cousins the Protection Warriors who got an outright damage increase.

Meanwhile, Feral Druids got their claws nipped a little through Cyclone cooldown and Faerie Fire duration nerfs, making the kitties less deadly in PvP.

Hunters were one of two classes that received major changes in this upcoming patch to the mmorpg, according to Ghostcrawler, with a few of their core talents and abilities like Silencing Shot, Readiness and Stampede tweaked for PvE and PvP balance.

Monks had several talents buffed due to them being deemed "underpowered and difficult to use" such as Chi Brew, Zen Sphere, Power Strikes and Healing Elixirs.

Holy Paladins will now have to rely less on healing over time and more on direct heals, with developers dismantling the Eternal Flame-Illuminated Healing combo. Meanwhile, their healing brethren the Discipline Priests will have to grapple with a few nerfs to their admittedly versatile kit.

Evasion Rogues can expect to survive longer against melee, which should draw hurrahs from stealth assassins round the online rpg.

Mages, Shamans and Warlocks remained basically the same. For a full list of the class changes, read the official Patch 5.4 dev watercooler post.

As always, Ghostcrawler reminds all players that these World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 class buffs and nerfs could still be reverted last minute before the update goes live.


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