World of Warcraft revamps PvP with Patch 5.3: Escalation

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft patch 5 3 escalation pvp

The newly released World of Warcraft Patch 5.3: Escalation turns PvP on its head with sweeping mechanics changes, a new battleground and a new arena.

Most World of Warcraft patches focus on the PvE side of the game, but not Patch 5.3: Escalation. PvP fans will find a vast number of tweaks to how battlegrounds and arenas work.

For one, baseline Resilience and item level ceilings are being introduced to both team-based PvP modes, which should make for more exciting and relatively more evenly-matched fights. PvP Power and Battle Fatigue are also receiving much-needed tweaks that address their current flaws.

In terms of fresh PvP content, the online rpg will open up the new battleground Deepwind Gorge and new arena The Tiger's Peak.

Deepwind Gorge is a 15-man map set in the Valley of the Four Winds. As is with most conflicts between the Alliance and Horde, there is a battle for valuable resources at Deepwind Gorge, and this case, vast reserves of gold are at stake.

Meanwhile, in the new snow-covered arena The Tiger's Peak, fighters can engage in all-out rumbles amid towering tiger statues and take strategic cover behind the raised daises that litter the combat area.

Despite focusing heavily on PvP, Patch 5.3 does have some morsels of PvE content for less warmogering mmo fans. This includes a handful of new scenarios with respective heroic modes, including shared scenarios that Blizzard said will allow each faction to gain some insight into their rival's actions.





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