World of Warcraft hosts Noblegarden event

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft noblegarden 2014

Running shoes, check. Bunny ears, check. Patience to collect 500 eggs, check.

You're now prepped enough to participate in another World of Warcraft Noblegarden, the Easter holiday in-game event which just kicked off over the weekend across all servers in the fantasy online rpg will run until April 28.

World of Warcraft screenshot Noblegarden

Not much has changed from last year's festivities. You'll still need to track down those colorful painted eggs, but now the competition might even be tighter when taking the World of Warcraft cross-realm system into account. To improve your chances, you can get a speed boost by slapping on the Egg Basket item on your off-hand weapon slot.

If egg hunting just isn't your thing, then you can distract yourself with three other event activities. These include collecting chocolates and trading them in for rare items, toys and costumes. You can also focus on finishing all the daily quests to earn gold and the fun Blossoming Branch items that puts a rabbit costume on your target humanoid.

Last but not the least is to channel your inner mmo fashionista and dress in full Easter garb. You can purchase costumes from merchants and vendors, or participate in all of the event activities for a better chance at looting the costumes.



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