World of Warcraft Debuts New Male Tauren Model

By Jeff Francis
World of Warcraft new male tauren model

The Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft is adding more than just new features to the game. One thing that players are looking forward to are the introduction of new models for the character races. In keeping with the wargame origins of the mmorpg, the new models are more striking and fierce in their appearance. Some of the new models have been introduced, and Blizzard today introduced the new male tauren model.

In the latest Artcraft column for the game, a great deal of attention, complete with videos, is lavished on how World of Warcraft fashioned the new male tauren model. The article goes into incredible detail on the entire process and the thoughts behind it. If you think this is just a minor cosmetic change for the mmo, you'll definitely change your opinion after reading the entire piece. Attention was focused on the stance of the model first as that's what players see most of the time. Using the new build, the new male tauren is beefier and heavier than before. A new facial rig was created to add movement to the brows, nostrils, ears, and cheeks to move in rhythm with the model's breathing.

World of Warcraft tauren model

Further attention was devoted to the movement and emotional reactions of the new male tauren model. The amount of work that has gone into something that most mmo players take for granted is staggering. All of the character animations are hand keyed, and not dynamically simulated within the game engine or created through motion capture. The developers stress that they did not stray too far from the original animations so as to retain the essence of the tauren characters that gamers have been playing for years.

The tauren is the fourth race whose new models have been revealed so far for the Warlords of Draenor. In the coming months, we can expect to see some fan favorites, such as the Blood Elves and the Undead.


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