World of Warcraft hackers sentenced to 2 years in jail

By Tam Mageean
world of warcraft jail

In what may be the weirdest case of grand-theft ever, a cartel of digital burglars have been sentenced to imprisonment for hacking players' accounts in World of Warcraft and selling off all of their valuables.

Not only did the World of Warcraft hackers break into accounts on the popular mmorpg; they also dealt in buying hacked accounts off other hackers, and redistributing the goods, mafia-style. The pixel-pirates would buy accounts from their office/hacker's suite in Zeijiang, China, sort the items, and then auction them off online to the highest bidders. The accounts were thought to have been purchased for around $1 each and flipped for an average $3, per account, for their contents.

The investigation into the hacking cartel came after around 11,500 World of Warcraft accounts were hacked and compromised, and milked of $10,800 before the law caught up with them.

Their mastermind, Chen, has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and fined $8000, while 8 of his counterparts were each fined $1000, and will also be jailed for 2 years.

No news yet on whether their poor mmo e-victims will be reimbursed for all their stolen gold and loot, or whether the hackers will be offered reduced sentences for community services; maybe we'll see them in orange overalls, cleaning up the streets of Azeroth sometime soon.


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