World of Warcraft suffers huge losses

By Tam Mageean
world of warcraft drops revenue

Troubling news for Azeroth's inhabitants; World of Warcraft has reportedly suffered a 54% drop in revenue in the past 7 months.

The Blizzard giant is well known for its unrivaled, long-lasting success, and has won awards and reported huge success for nine years, still gathering critical acclaim as recently as last year for its Mists of Pandaria expansion. However, with the dawn of free MMORPG games upon us, basing their revenue on sheer traffic and micro-transactions, the subscriber-oriented MMO is beginning to wane.

The audit, carried out by Superdata Research indicated a drop at the end of financial Quarter 1 of $93million, down from $204million, following the launch of Mists of Pandaria. It's fair to say that the Pandaria launch would have spiked income, but a drop of $111million shows that it may lack sticking power, despite its rave reviews.

world of warcraft profits

World of Warcraft still remains the World Record holder for the most subscribers, maintaining around 7 million at present. Blizzard still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve; with the likes of Diablo III and StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm going from strength to strength, and are working on their own free to play business model for the MMO market in their upcoming card strategy Hearthstone, which is also set in the Realm of Azeroth.

Although the MMO isn't struggling in the slightest, if this loss in subscribers perpetuates, they may be forced to adapt to align with its free to play competitors. Blizzard haven't shown any intention of how they intend to combat their losses, but if they have anything in store, BlizzCon in November will be where they show their cards.

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