World of Warcraft is turning 9

By Tam Mageean
world of warcraft birthday

World of Warcraft will be 9 years old at the end of the month. With five expansions, one of the largest, most committed player-bases of all time and responsibility for some of the most memorable moments in MMO history, World of Warcraft has truly made its mark.

"Another epic year has flown by, and we’d like to thank you all for joining us on so many great adventures...We look forward to another year of adventures ahead and many more to come!"

Like the Corrupted Blood plague; none of us have gone by unaffected by the MMORPG. Even if you haven't played World of Warcraft; from the vales of Eorzea, to the furthest corners of New Neverwinter, you can hear cries of "Leerooooooy Jenkins!" as warriors roar into battle all across the gamersphere.

The Rogues and Night Elves of World of Warcraft will be celebrating its 9th birthday, with "Celebration Packages" being gifted to anyone logging in between November 18th and December 1st. Your Celebration Package will grant you a 9% experience and reputation boost while active. Most importantly, the package will launch fireworks into Azeroth's skyline and don your hero in a rather fetching tabard.

So, in 9 years, what have been your favorite moments in World of Warcraft? Share your Warcraft memories below!


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