World of Warcraft Arena 2012 champions will win $105,000

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft arena champions 2012

Ten of world’s best World of Warcraft teams will battle it out for the 2012 title and split the top cash prize of $105,000.

The second place team will get to split $45,000, while third place and fourth place teams will earn $27,000 and $12,000 respectively. All combined, that’s grand total of $189,000 prize pool for the Arena Global finals.

Clinching the title will be an epic challenge, according to Blizzard, as the ten assembled finalists are some of the finest arena teams in the online rpg.

“First, this incredibly talented pool of players will have a chance to test their mettle against the field in a series of grueling best-of-five round robin matches. Then, the top four teams to emerge from the melee will move on to the double-elimination championship bracket,” said Blizzard.

The World of Warcraft Arena Global finals is one of the main events of the World Championship extravaganza, which will be held in less than two weeks on November 17 to 18 in Shanghai, China.

The World Championship will also host a Dungeon Challenge event where mmo raiding guilds, Stars and Supreme Quicksand, will run simultaneous Challenge Mode runs to decide once and for all who are the fastest dungeon runners in the Eastern hemisphere.

The two-day festivities will also host ultra-competitive world finals for the strategy rpg game StarCraft II.


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