Watch eight years of World of Wacraft captured in one anniversary vid

By Michael Jamias
world of warcraft 8th anniversary video

World of Warcraft turns an enduring eight years old this November 23, and what better way to celebrate than watch its most memorable highlights since 2004.

The three-and-a-half-minute trailer is a visual overload, pasting together more than a hundred outtakes from the Blizzard MMORPG -- from zones, dungeons, boss fights, hero characters, features to award-winning cutscenes. Fans who have been playing the game since 2004 will no doubt smile through this nostalgic joy ride.

At the end of the video, Blizzard sends out a simple message of gratitude to the millions who have made World of Warcraft one of the most popular rpg games online: “Thanks for 8 great years and counting!”

In-game, Blizzard will give out a unique Feat of Strength achievement and Celebration Package item to all players who log on from November 18 to December 1.

“Using your item will kick off the celebrations by shooting off fireworks*, applying a (cosmetic only) tabard to your character, and granting an 8% bonus to experience and reputation gains from any enemies defeated while active,” said Blizzard.

As a cheeky reminder, players are also reminded to use fireworks responsibly. But if you do get some in the eyes, shaking your booty in a lively /dance can remedy the pain – as with all other depressing afflictions.


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