Blizzard “Titan” game could be a World of Warcraft, Diablo or StarCraft spin-off

By Michael Jamias
project titan world of warcraft diablo starcraft spinoff

Rumors are growing that Blizzard’s in-development Titan project may be a spin-off of its existing IP and may even be headed for consoles.

Titan Focus – a website dedicated to gathering news and rumors on the mysterious codenamed Blizzard game – has found new rumors from NeoGAF forums poster alphaNoid who has previously provided accurate rumors about Blizzard titles.

Basing his reveals on insider connections, alphaNoid said that “Blizzard has been on record saying that Titan would be a new IP. It’s not, it’s a spinoff of an existing franchise… and they’re playing into that to allude to a new IP. It’s going to be what Blizzard fans want.”

alphaNoid also said that the Titan will be a massively multiplayer online rpg that will co-exist beside World of Warcraft. “Titan is the next Blizzard MMO, but it’s not Warcraft.”

This leaves fans jumping to the conclusion that a Diablo or StarCraft MMO is in the works.

The insider also predicts that Project Titan will be released sometime in 2014 or 2015, and will be available not only in the PC but also on consoles, such as the next-gen XBOX: “…the team working on Titan at Blizzard, the successor, the next MMORPG after World of Warcraft is now working on writing framework for the next Xbox in addition to PC.”

Despite alphaNoid’s correct predictions in the past, this doesn’t mean his new rumors will prove to be correct. Still, they make for exciting brain stimulation as we ponder a possible Diablo or StarCraft MMO with a fully fleshed out world and playable characters from Barbarians to Terran Ghosts.


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