iOS7 update may lock you out of your Blizzard Authenticator

By Tam Mageean
ios7 blizzard lock out

While you're waiting for the next 32 hour update of iOS7 to trickle into your iPhone or your iPad, make sure to familiarize yourself with a couple of issues that MMO fans are suffering from, as a resut of the update. If you play World of Warcraft, Starcraft II or Diablo III, you might be at risk of getting locked out of your Blizzard Authenticator. banner

Users installing the iOS7 update are at risk of resetting their Authenticator, and locking themselves out. So, before that download is complete, here are a few countermeasures that Blizzard have recommended, to keep your little Zergs safe:


1. Log in to your Authenticator and take note of your Authenticator Serial Number and Restore Code. You will need these when the upload is completed, in order to restore the Authenticator, post-update.

2. Head on over to and sign up for their free SMS protect service. Give blizzard your phone details, and this free service will provide you with an authenticator reset code, via text message, should you ever get locked out.

3. If you haven't already started your iOS7 update; log on to and follow this nav: > I have an issue managing my account > I want to remove my authenticator > Live chat.

With your valid photo ID at the ready, customer support will take you through the procedure of removing your Blizzard Authenticator, installing the iOS update, and then re-attaching the Authenticator post-update, for smooth, instant access. If you do not have a valid/accepted photo ID; repeat step 1, as they will also accept your authenticator serial number as proof of identity.

Blizzard have also recommended updating via Wi-Fi, rather than via a computer where possible, as the Wi-Fi adopters are reporting fewer problems at present.

blizzard authenticator ios

Other than the above steps; pour yourself a BIG cup of coffee, and boot up an RPG, because that iOS update is looking bigger than a Deathwing...


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