BlizzCon Virtual Tickets now on sale

By Tam Mageean
blizzcon virtual tickets sale

“Be part of the excitement”. Blizzard virtual tickets have gone on sale, offering over 60 hours of live coverage and content from the convention in November. Those who want to attend the convention from the comfort of their own home can expect to pay $40.00 per ticket. BlizzCon combines the fans of its 3 major MMORPG and RTS successes; World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3.

Blizzcon Tickets

With the “live” tickets selling at $175 each, you are saving a lot, but how much of the experience are you getting?

The virtual ticket will provide you with access to ALL of the developer panels, exclusive interviews, online competitions, in-game exclusives , and a virtual seat at the closing ceremony, which has featured the likes of Ozzy Osborne at past events. The online event will also use an on-demand replay system, which should be great for capturing clutch moments in your favorite eSports match-ups.

With so many conventions and events providing free live-streams and online recaps this year, it’ll be interesting to see if the MMO community warm to this platform. BlizzCon has gone pay-per-view in the past and has even rewarded its online viewers with exclusive in game content. That said, even the most veteran of Con-goers can’t get through a convention or expo without having to forfeit a panel or two, and this ticket guarantees you won’t miss a thing! If you’re the kind of person that goes to an event for its panels, this is actually a HUGE offer.

BlizzCon banner

What do you guys think? Is this a bargain or a CON? (terrible pun shamelessly intended)

Tickets are on sale from the BlizzCon website.


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