BlizzCon is here!

By Tam Mageean
blizzcon live

Ladies, Gentlemen, Protoss and Night Elves, BlizzCon 2013 is here! For 2 days and nights, MMORPG giant Blizzard and their armies of fans are at their very of gaming Asgard, in Anaheim, California. Couldn't make it out west for this winters' celebrations? Fear not! As mmo-play are here to share with you all the live insider info; from the latest updates, to developer secrets and jaw dropping cosplays, we'll be giving you guys the scoop.

Fans of Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, cosplay and pro MMO gaming will be in attendance, and are already filtering into the Anaheim Convention Centre, clamoring for their first glance at what Blizzard will have in store for 2014.

BlizzCon 2013

Important events in this years Blizzcon include:

The Starcraft II WCS Global Finals

The first ever Hearthstone tournament

A peek at the upcoming Heroes of the Storm MOBA

The World of Warcraft Global invitational

A look at the new Diablo III update

And so much more!

The 2 day event is priming right now, with a bunch of reveals and events scheduled for both days. You can view the things we're looking forward to the most, right here.

There are also rumors emerging of a new World of Warcraft expansion, a new Starcraft expansion and release dates for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, all set to be unleashed upon the masses, so stay tuned for announcements coming shortly!


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