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Top five funny mmo videos
The virtual worlds of online games offer a lot of things to players: epic quests, fearsome monsters to fight, and hordes of glittering treasure. One feature that many mmo games do not regularly offer is humor. To be sure, there can be some amusing quests or NPCs that the player may come across, but a regular dose of laugh-out-loud humor is often missing. There are some valid reasons for this. One, humor is not universal as what's funny in one cul...
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Aug 22 2017
How should mmo subscriptions work?
There was once a time where needing a subscription to play an online rpg was considered sacred and something that would never change. Game developers would have swooned at the thought of their games going the free-to-play route. Just a decade ago, most f2p games were considered massive rip-offs that nickel-and-dimed players to death. Now, the worm has turned as mmorpg subscriptions have gotten scarce, leaving World of Warcraft as the main standar...
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Jul 13 2017
How should drinking in mmo games be handled?
The virtual worlds of online games allow players to do some fantastic things, such as cast magical spells or fight monstrous creatures. However, mmo games also reflect the real world in that many activities found in the regular world can be found online as well. Some examples include swimming, riding horses, and climbing. Eating and drinking are also a major component of online games in the form of buff-giving food and potions. Yet the consumptio...
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Jul 07 2017
Death in mmo games
Every gamer is quite familiar with death in mmo games as it's essentially an occupational hazard for their characters. Adventuring in the online realms can be dangerous, and a player often finds themselves overmatched by a dungeon boss or an enemy mob. How developers have handled mmo death has evolved over the years. It was once common for death to be associated with a pretty high cost and a good bit of aggravation, but now a character's death in...
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May 23 2017
World of Warcraft cinematic shows a grieving Anduin Wrynn
Blizzard has always done an admirable job updating the World of Warcraft lore over the years. Such attention to detail helps players really immerse themselves into the online rpg and become emotionally attached to the setting and its denizens. Recent events have led to the crowning of a new king of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn, after the death of his father on the Burning Shore. Blizzard has revealed the World of Warcraft cinematic that awaits those w...
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May 18 2017
Top five irritating aspects of mmo games
There are a lot of reasons to enjoy adventuring in the virtual worlds of online games. With a quick login and a few clicks of the mouse, you can leave the stress of the real world behind and become a mighty warrior, powerful wizard, or seasoned starship captain. We can play mmo games as serious or as casual as we wish, and there's something special about being able to play with people from all over the world. Yet there are some aspects of online ...
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May 17 2017
How World of Warcraft is upping their game
For the last few years, a common refrain was heard that World of Warcraft was dying and on its last legs. The venerable mmorpg had been surpassed by newer games that boasted many more players. The subscriber base for WoW had dropped to just over five million, and this was seen as that the end was nigh. (Of course, five million PAYING subscribers is something that every mmo would kill for.) Yet the online game has drastically turned things around ...
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Mar 07 2017
World of Warcraft PvP Brawls revealed
World of Warcraft players better get ready to rumble! The latest patch for the fantasy mmorpg is adding some interesting twists to some of the players' favorite Battlegrounds. The new World of Warcraft PvP Brawls system puts a spin on classic maps, such as new rules or modes, and comes with rewards for being victorious.Players can take part in World of Warcraft PvP Brawls by using the Group Finder tool in the PvP tab. A new PvP Brawl will be ...
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Feb 21 2017
Blizzard mmo games cross-play brilliance
For a long time now, Blizzard has been the king of the hill when it comes to the virtual world of online games. Unlike other game companies that operate a hugely popular mmo, Blizzard actually has an entire stable of online games that have proven to be highly profitable. The company was known for a long time due to the singular success of World of Warcraft, but the last few years have seen other major games released: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthst...
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Feb 22 2017
Top five annoying mmo players
The virtual world of online games can serve as a great escape from the drudgery and irritations of real life. However, this does not mean that logging into your favorite online rpg will always be a carefree exercise in fun and peace of mind. The reality of online gaming is that you'll have to play with other people, and many of those people are looking to get in the way of you having a good time, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are...
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Jan 11 2017