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world of speed crew
Racing games are great fun, especially online. However, it has always felt like there's something missing. Online features in racing games are typically limited to small-batch races, ghost chasing time trials and lap record leaderboards. Surely, there's more to online racing than that? 2014 has been a year where several gaming developers have put in the hours to tear down racing stereotypes and there's an entire fleet of racing mmo games making ...
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Sep 12 2014
world of speed mitsubishi vs subaru
There's never a dearth of rivalries in the world of racing, and it's a surefire topic to get fans riled up. This is probably why Slightly Mad Studios has been rolling out World of Speed dream drive videos that pit two popular cars against each other. In the latest installment below, we are treated to the face-off between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. "Although these manufacturers have a lot in common, for 20 y...
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Aug 29 2014
world of speed gamescom
2014 has been a big year for racing mmo announcements as the rise of online competitive racing, on both console and pc, becomes more and more popular. One such title that's at the head of the pack is World of Speed, which boats 4 vs 4 matchups, HD graphics and tons of online club features. To top it off, the whole thing is free to play. This week, the gang at Slightly Mad Studios will be revving their engines at one of Europe's biggest gaming ev...
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Aug 12 2014
World of Speed releases Moscow trailer
Racing fans got a treat today as Slightly Mad Studios released a new World of Speed trailer that should get their hearts racing and their blood pumping. The high-octane trailer for the free mmo shows the ultra-realistic racing between a Mazda RX-7 and a Mercedes 190E as they go head-to-head. There are a few quick shots of London, but the bulk of the racing action takes place in Moscow. Check out the trailer below.There are a couple of ob...
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Jul 16 2014
World of Speed screenshots show extreme realism
One thing that mmo players have increasingly wanted in racing games is a huge commitment to realism. Racing fans want the cars that they can drive to be an exact match to their real-world counterparts just as much as they desire the various racing locations within the game to be an accurate depiction of those locales as they truly exist. World of Speed is promising such exacting details, and it appears that they are backing up that desire fo...
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Jul 07 2014
world of speed customization trailer
Itching to trick out your car in the upcoming World of Speed? Well, the good news is that developers are going on all cylinders on customization. You can alter the look of your favorite ride and also fine-tune its performance by tinkering with virtually all vehicle parts like you would an MMORPG hero's weapon and armor. This World of Speed customization trailer serves up a slice of how you can tweak your car to your racing heart's...
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Jun 11 2014
World of Speed Bathurst trailer
Speed freaks looking to hit the tarmac have been getting pumped up over the imminent release of World of Speed. Slightly Mad Studios have been promising that this game will change the face of racing mmo games with plenty of real-world cars and an insane amount of racing action. The newest World of Speed trailer highlights the tremendous graphics of the game as well as a sneak peek at the weather system in the mmo.  As you can see f...
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Jun 02 2014
world of speed realism mclaren video
World of Speed is being touted as one of the most realistic racing rpg games online when it launches sometime this year. Don't believe the hype? Well, watching this World of Speed McLaren in Moscow video that might make you nod in agreement.The first part of the video runs down the impressive specs of the powerful McLaren MP4-12c. We really don't need to repeat it in writing, but it's safe to say that this award-winning supercar is a speed de...
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May 29 2014
world of speed free
We've been looking forward to Slightly Mad Studios' new entrant, World of Speed, due to its promises to change the face of racing mmo games as we know them. Initially, the big game-changing differences were gameplay related, such as their unique, team racing setup and the heavy, mmo element of establishing your own style of racing class; with speed not being the only key to victory. In an interview with gamer mag heavyweights, Edge Online; Creat...
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Apr 02 2014