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World of Darkness documentary announced
The World of Darkness franchise has had quite an impact upon geek, gaming, and even popular culture. The Underworld movie series shamelessly ripped off a lot of ideas from the WoD setting, and there have been a few attempts to bring the franchise to online gamers, such as the lamentably cancelled World of Darkness mmorpg from CCP Games. Now work has begun in Stockholm, Sweden, on a World of Darkness documentary that will look back at the history ...
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Jul 01 2016
world of darkness revival
I know what you're thinking - news fo a World of Darkness revival can only lead to more and more heartbreak. However, if White Wolf's words are to be believed, there's hope in the ailing mmorpg yet. World of Darkness is one of CCP's many lost and forgotten projects that, unlike Dust 514, was dropped from CCP's priorities before it had even made it out the gates. That said, they had put a lot of time, money and manpower into getting it developed....
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Dec 21 2015
Celebrate Paradox Interactive buying White Wolf
Fans of the macabre and the supernatural had to be excited when they heard the news of Paradox Interactive buying White Wolf Publishing, the creator of the World of Darkness setting and many horror-themed pen-and-paper role-playing games. This new Paradox Interactive White Wolf entity means that the intellectual properties associated with White Wolf are no longer under the domain of CCP, the developer of EVE Online and the cancelled World of Dark...
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Oct 31 2015
Paradox Interactive buys White Wolf Publishing
Fans of gritty vampires may now have some hope in the virtual world of video games. For those of us who detest the sparkly vampires of the Twilight genre, the World of Darkness world created by White Wolf has been a sanctuary where the supernatural and undead are not romantic icons that make tween girls swoon. However, last year saw the cancellation of the World of Darkness mmo by CCP, and thoughts of adventuring in the world created by White Wol...
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Oct 29 2015
world of darkness playable
Back in April, we reported on the sad announcement that CCP had cancelled their upcoming, vampric mmo, World of Darkness. CCP cut back a total of 71 staff (56 on cancellation of World of Darkness, 15 in the December prior) as a result of severing the mmorpg project, and after fans had seen very little footage, despite being in production for 4 years, many had assumed that the project was dead in the water. CCP gave little away, stating simply t...
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Jun 05 2014
world of darkness cancelled
It has been in development, on and off, for the past four years, but the sun has finally set (or risen, from the vampire's perspective) on the World of Darkness project. Headed by CCP, known best for their immensely successful, EVE Online, World of Darkness was set to be a vampiric mmo, complete with a whole new, political and dynamic realm, with a vast and complex depth, much like its sci-fi cousin. CCP sadly announced the World of Darkness cl...
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Apr 14 2014