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World of Darkness is a vampire themed online RPG developed and published by CCP Games in collaboration with White Wolf. CCP is best known for EVE Online, a hardcore MMO, and White Wolf are the creators of World of Darkness RPG universe. In 2006, the 2 companies merged and players immediately suspected that a World of Darkness MMO project will follow. It was a long 4 years wait because the official announcement for World of Darkness the MMO came in 2010. There are many old school RPG games based on World of Darkness universe. Vampire: The Masquerade is the one that served as inspiration for World of Darkness MMO. The game world is a dark universe with a gothic theme that blends romance, secrets and political schemes.

World of Darkness developers aimed to create a “vampire simulator”, a vampire game like no other. A very important aspect of this simulation is movement and control. When players guide their World of Darkness characters through the city they will feel just like night creatures. Vampire characters don’t move like ordinary human beings. They can jump and climb tall buildings. There is no daylight in World of Darkness. Everything happens during the night time. World of Darkness has specific rules and most of them are borrowed from Vampire: The Masquerade. The vampire factions from The Masquerade are present in World of Darkness MMORPG. The vampiric adventure starts with the transformation. Players experience the game as humans only for a few minutes. Their vampire form must be always hidden when humans are around. If you decide to go in a berserker mood and kill innocent humans you will surely suffer severe consequences. World of Darkness is not a game that turns vampires into super heroes. Players have superior attributes but also limitations and rules to follow.

Players that expect a very rich story driven campaign or lore quests will be pleasantly disappointed. World of Darkness has players build their own unique story within the game universe. There is a political system that allows World of Darkness players to elect a leader. There are player controlled zones. No one is safe in World of Darkness. Player interaction is somehow different in World of Darkness than in other MMORPG games. Alliances, betrayals and backstabbing are something normal for World of Darkness. From this point of view, World of Darkness is a bit similar to EVE Online. It’s good to see that MMO developers are not afraid of trying out different mechanics. Much like EVE Online, World of Darkness is a universe where players make the rules and follow their own path.

By Rachel Rosen


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