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  • World of Battles: army

    World of Battles: army
    We need to start by picking our army, hero, and banner....
    World of Battles: army

    World of Battles: units

    World of Battles: units
    Control units in World of Battles. You can either select everyone, or just one part of your army. The fights are slower paced than...
    World of Battles: units

    World of Battles: victory

    World of Battles: victory
    Completing missions rewards you with gold and experience that can be used at the store to upgrade your army....
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    World of Battles: premium
    World of Battles is a free to play RTS. You can purchase premium membership to progress more quickly....
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World of Battles Gameplay

World of Battles Gameplay

World of Battles is a free-to-play real-time strategy MMO from Frogwares where eight races clash and vie dominion over a fantasy realm. Amazons, Barbarians, Beast Folks, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Knights, Orcs and Undead – you can control one of these and lead an army in epic or PvP battles. Each race offers a distinct list of advantages and disadvantages, as well as specialized units that can swing the tides of battle.  World of Battles focuses mostly on epic multiplayer skirmishes, with players teaming up to form powerful Clans which can then stake a claim in the hundreds of territories across the land. More often than not, your advances will be resisted by other Clans. Here is where combat comes into play.

Each army consists of up to 16 units, which you will handpick before the battle. Each unit possesses special abilities and can move into advantageous formations, which you must change on the fly while in battle to adapt to the changing tactics of your enemy. You would not want to be outmaneuvered because your defeat could spell disaster for your Clan’s campaign. New players – and RPG Games fans – are encouraged to practice through the single-player challenges and tasks that become unlocked while playing the game. Asking your Clan mates for advice is also a good stepping stone to improving your game. Teamwork is crucial if you are to successfully invade and hold down multiple territories, and even be crowned as the Clan winners in week-long campaigns. Clan winners who excel in these developer-sanctioned events earn thousands of Gems. These Gems can be spent to purchase units, equipment or extend a subscription. Another way to earn Gems is to buy them via the World of Battles cash shop.

World of Battles boasts highly detailed graphics which bring battlefields to life, and tabletop fans will be glad to see that the overworld map is brimming with detail essential for quick decision-making. All the data you need to plan ahead and outwit your foes is displayed on screen, or is at least accessible with a few clicks of the button. This greatly eases the micromanagement aspect of World of Battles. Due to the heavy online component of World of Battles, you may need to upgrade your connection to at least 1Mbps, based on developer recommended system requirements. The elaborate graphics coupled with an engaging gameplay make WoB a must-try for RTS fans.

World of Battles also maintains leaderboards to rank player armies on constant basis. This online rpg strategy game is dynamic enough and filled with aggressive teams that this will change every week, or even every day – so don’t sit idly by while others seek out for the victory and glory.

By Rachel Rosen

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