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    World in Conflict: objectives
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World in Conflict Gameplay

World in Conflict Gameplay

World in Conflict is a real-time tactics game from developer Massive Entertainment and publisher Ubisoft. Unlike real-time strategy RPG Games, which asks players to build a base of operations and gather resources, World in Conflict cuts straight to the battlefield action. The core focus of the game is to win the war of attrition, with players given a limited amount of resource points to spend on military units. Destroyed units will contribute their resource points back to the player’s pool but at an incremental pace. This gives monumental importance to either destroying more of your enemy’s units or keeping yours alive.

World in Conflict offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. The single-player campaign begins with a choice to join either of two factions: the United States or the Soviet Union. The two superpowers have taken their Cold War into an all-out World War 3. Controlling either faction will test your military mettle, as you defend the US homeland from those who seek to curtail its power and freedom, or go on the Soviet offensive to neutralize the long-standing threat to your communist dominion. Both factions offer an exciting rpg viewpoint, as well as control over unique units representative to their allegiance. Each single-player campaign consists of around 20 adrenaline-pumping missions that span both sides of the Atlantic. A third faction, NATO, is available only through multiplayer MMO mode, which focuses more on team play than individual glory.

Each team in multiplayer mode is composed of four players, with up to 16 players max in one match, and each player assuming a specific role in their team. There is the infantry role which gives full control over snipers and light transport vehicles; the air role which controls attack and scout helicopters; the support role which controls artillery and repair units; and the armor role which controls various tanks. Each role is generally weak to another role, in a rock-paper-scissors kind of way, so teams must learn to work together so that their weaknesses aren’t exploited by opponents. World in Conflict multiplayer definitely has a high learning, so it is recommended for new players to try the mode first with friends to learn the basics of cooperation before seeking random teams to play with. World in Conflict has released one expansion called World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, which is available together with the original as a bundle complete edition via Steam, as well as a few other digital and retail stores.

By Rachel Rosen

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