Wizardry Online officially launches as proudly hardcore MMO

By Michael Jamias
wizardry online launches

Fans of rpg games online better gird their loins, Wizardry Online is looking to return “true challenge” in the genre.

The new free-to-play game, which is available now for PC players in North America and Europe, stays true to challenge that Wizardry games are famous for by delivering “hardcore gameplay, intense difficulty, party-based combat and permadeath,” said publisher Sony Online Entertainment in its launch announcement.

“Wizardry Online is the most hardcore fantasy MMORPG ever created,” boasted Todd Carson, Senior Producer, Sony Online Entertainment.

“The difficulty level is insane and delivers a challenging, immersive free-to-play experience that today’s players want and demand, while also capturing the true essence and heritage of the Wizardry franchise that players and fans have come to know and love over the past 30 years.”

Wizardry Online will be run under the “Free to Play. Your Way” model under SOE, which means the basic core of the game will be free to play, but optional content will be made available for purchase.

Those new to the franchise will find Wizardry Online to provide noticeably less hand-holding. Players who fail to revive their characters twice – reviving a character involves donating hard-earned items to increase the chance of resurrection – will lead to the character being permanently unusable or “Lost”.

There is a borderline between being hardcore and downright cruel, and Wizardry Online thankfully does not cross into the latter category. “Lost” characters will be noted in a player’s account, allowing for an easier start for the next character created.

More information about Wizardry Online is available here at MMO-Play, or head on over to www.wizardrythegame.com to learn more about its unforgiving world defined by massive dungeons and a bounty hunt PvP system.


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