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    Wizardry Online: Pic 1
    Wizardry Online: Pic 1

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    Wizardry Online: Pic 2
    Wizardry Online: Pic 2

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    Wizardry Online: Pic 3

    Wizardry Online: character

    Wizardry Online: character
    Wizardry Onlines uses some mechanics of older table-top style RPGs. There are 4 classes, 4 races which have different starting sta...
    Wizardry Online: character
  • Wizardry Online: skills

    Wizardry Online: skills
    The game uses a skill tree as part of the customization for leveling up. The mage has 2 trees. Witchcraft focuses on direct damage...
    Wizardry Online: skills

    Wizardry Online: death

    Wizardry Online: death
    Death in Wizardry may be permenant. When you die, find one of these shrines. You have a percentage chance to ressurect which can b...
    Wizardry Online: death

    Wizardry Online: combat

    Wizardry Online: combat
    Combat in Wizardry can be more tactical at times. Health and mana do not regenerate normally. You want to avoid taking hits whenev...
    Wizardry Online: combat

Wizardry Online Launch Trailer - Death Is Final

Wizardry Online Launch Trailer - Death Is Final

Wizardry Online Gameplay

Wizardry Online Gameplay

Wizardry Online is one of the newest mmorpg games, developed by Gamepot and published by Sony Online Entertainment. Wizardry Online follows the free to play model. There is additional premium optional content. The monthly fee is optional as well. Paying members get certain benefits like discounts and are able to access all Wizardry Online content and features. The cash shop offers a large variety of items to personalize characters looks. Other items will grant in game advantages. Wizardry Online draws its inspiration from the classic Wizardry game series. The first Wizardry game was released in 1981 and became a source of inspiration for modern rpg games. The entire Wizardry series has 8 games. The Wizardry universe also includes novels and comics.

Wizardry Online is the first Wizardry based game that tackles the mmo model. Wizardry Online encourages more forms of player interaction. Players can team up to face greater challenges or they can compete against each other in PvP battles. Just like every fantasy free online rpg, Wizardry Online has fictional races like: elf, porkul, gnome and dwarf. Players that like to stay in touch with reality can choose the human race for their character. No race is overpowered so everyone has fair chances. The aspect that will influence a Wizardry Online player's style is class choice. There are 4 Wizardry Online classes: thief, mage, priest and fighter. Players can fight as a melee warrior, cast offensive and support spells or fight their enemies from the shadows. Wizardry Online classes are highly customizable. Wizardry Online is a game with a consistent and complex lore. There is no better way to learn more about the Wizardry Online world than to follow the story quests. Wizardry Online features main quests, subquests and more than 100 lesser quests. That's enough to keep lore fans busy for quite a while. Dungeon crawlers have 10 dungeons, each one with multiple layers, to explore and clear.

It's a known fact that mmorpg players constantly demand for more challenging content and it seems like Wizardry Online creators did not forget about the hardcore players. Wizardry Online has a perma death feature. However, death doesn't always mean the end of the game. There might be a possibility to resurrect but it's not very easy. There are Wizardry Online encounters and fights that require a team and involvement from all its members. So far, game features and mechanics sound great but the graphics are what catches a player's eye in the first place. Wizardry Online free mmo has anime inspired characters and fantasy settings. Wizardry Online is aimed at a hardcore playerbase but everyone is encouraged to give it a try.

By Rachel Rosen




Wizardry Online has strikingly somber graphics compared to the flashy visuals common in the mmorpg games genre. Everything seems washed out and dreary because colors are sparingly used. The result is a chilling atmosphere, which works well with what the game is trying to achieve: Strike fear into your heart as you push deeper into the lethal dungeons.

Wizardry Online: Dungeon

Wizardry Online looks far better in higher resolutions. If you choose to play in lower resolutions, be prepared to give up some of the intricate details that bring life to this dungeon crawler.

For character customization, Wizardry Online offers relatively limited options. You can only alter three features -- your face, hair and hair color. There are also only four races and classes. In an era where sandbox rpg games like EVE Online and Guild Wars 2 allow you so staggering freedom to design your character, the available choices pale in comparison. Switching armor and weapons will change your look, but keep in mind that it takes time to acquire new gear in Wizardry Online.

Wizardry Online: create character


Wizardry Online treats your ears to a few nice orchestra compositions. Town music is chirpy, but when you step into a dungeon, the music takes a turn for the eerie. Engaging in battle also activates one specific soundtrack, so you will easily know that a monster is coming after you. Unfortunately, there is no voice acting implemented. But the game does have voice-less cut scenes for the main storyline.


Starting out, your main heroic dilemma will be to uncover what is causing the decline of mana power in the world of Wizardry Online.

Wizardry Online: Story Mode

You play the role of an adventurer that has heeded the call to explore dungeons and ruins in the hopes of finding the cause of this mysterious phenomenon, and earn the prestigious rank of knight in the process. Completing a main story quest will complete it for all the characters on your account. Wizardry Online is one of the few mmorpg games which has permanent death, so this saves you the trouble of doing each one separately if and when you create a new character.

Aside from the main story quests, there are also side missions that will earn you XP, gold and items. Of course, you will have to battle your way through the dungeon mobs to meet the mission objectives and earn your rewards.

Wizardry Online: Fighting Rookie Scout

These missions usually begin by talking to the non-player characters or NPCs lurking in the dungeons, and completing some kind of task for them like retrieving a pendant or gathering information. Some of these NPCs will not repeat their initial dialogue so paying attention the first time around will save you the trouble of searching Google for tips.


Wizardry Online is a challenging dungeon crawler that throws plenty of perils for your solo hero: You have no natural HP or MP regeneration outside of using consumable potions and camps (sitting is just a cosmetic feature), mobs hit hard, player criminals can gank and loot your corpse, treasure chests have potentially lethal booby traps, and there are enough environmental traps to make even Indiana Jones break a sweat.

“So what if I die?” you ask? Well, death is not to be taken likely in Wizardry Online since permanent death or permadeath feature.

Wizardry Online: Death Screen

When you die in a dungeon, you will need to be revived. New players start with a guaranteed (100%) chance at revival. As you level up, this chance lowers and you will be asked to “sell” your items to increase that chance. Failing to revive once does not lead immediately lead to permanent death; you will need to fail twice before this happens and your character becomes unusable.

Speaking of new characters, they receive a pool of random attribute points when created similar to the system in class pen-and-paper rpgs. There are seven attributes in which you can invest those points, including Strength (attack power) and Intelligence (mage skills). Each of the four playable classes – Fighter, Thief, Priest and Mage -- can only be played when your character has certain minimum attributes. Fighters for example require a minimum of 8 Strength. An alignment system of Lawful, Chaotic and Neutral further restricts your class choice.

Character progression involves killing monsters and completing missions for XP in sprawling instance dungeons.

Wizardry Online: Dungeon Map

From your town base, you zone into a chosen dungeon, preferably one designed for your character level, and proceed to explore its maze-like grounds. A dungeon is divided into a handful of sections. You will be asked to clear a boss stage before you can proceed to the next section, and a dungeon may require multiple play sessions to clear.

Wizardry Online Grouping

Grouping up is allowed up with three other players to make a four-man team and is great way to speed up and the grueling dungeon slog. Allies also make it less likely for you to die but you do have to share the loot found. It is in your best interest to make trusted friends who can tag along with you during dungeon runs.

But for the adamant soloist, the cash shop sells powerful premium items and gear for Station Cash, the virtual currency used across SOE online games.

Wizardry Online: cash shop

Unique Fun Factor

While other online rpg games try to make you feel like an invincible hero, Wizardry Online pegs you down to a more realistic human adventurer that is susceptible to permanent death. The game compels you to think your actions through, be extra careful, and look out for the unknown dangers just around the next dungeon corner. Carelessness is punished, and the result is that you become more focused and alert, especially when exploring solo. Grouping up tremendously lowers the danger factor though.

You also get the pleasure of building a character you want to play without having to follow pre-determined skill paths.

Wizardry Online: Priest Skill Tree

Each level you earn a skill point which can be invested to power up existing skills or learn new ones deeper down the skill tree. This will get you invested in your character since barring consultation in pre-existing guides, you will likely make a well-considered build that suits your playstyle.


- Freeform skill system lets you create a custom build
- Supports criminal system including player corpse looting and bounty rewards
- Sprawling dungeons with often lethal monsters and traps


- Graphics quality suffers noticeably at lower resolutions
- Not a casual-friendly free to play mmo
- Repetitive missions


Wizardry Online officially launches as proudly hardcore MMO

Fans of rpg games online better gird their loins, Wizardry Online is looking to return “true challenge” in the genre. The new fre...
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