From the makers of Wizard101, new Pirate101 sets sail on October 15

By Michael Jamias
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Did you like Wizard101? KingIsle Entertainment, the developers behind the charming and million-subscribed free rpg hopes you will feel the same way with Pirate101.

The new free-to-play pirate mmo game has just unmoored from beta and is now running its head start period for select players. Pirate101 will then launch worldwide on October 15, and will be basically free to play like its older sibling online rpg, Wizard101.

Head start players will be restricted to closed beta participants, purchasers of Boochbear or Gandry Bundles, purchasers of Pirate101 prepaid game cards, and Pirate101 members.

Boochbear and Gandry Bundles are membership bundles costing $89.99 and $59.99 respectively, offering 12 months membership, a Skarakeet pet, and head start privileges. The Boochbear Bundle receives a few extra cosmetic perks such as a Volcano Island House, a quintessential Parrot Mount, Cat Pirate companion, Dread Pirate’s outfit and Ruby Slicer weapon.

What’s so great about membership when you can play it for free instead? Well, Pirate101 members get access to all game worlds and convenience perks such as 50% larger backpack inventory, 20% larger Friends list, ability to reset your companion skills for Gold, ability to post on the Pirate101 message boards, and expanded chat options.

For those with no credit cards, there are prepaid game cards available via GameStop which can be redeemed for one free pet per card, and can be consumed to play beyond the free areas or stock up on Crowns cash shop currency.


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