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Top five mmo conventions we wish existed
For a truly great fan experience, nothing beats going to a convention. While you will wait in long lines, sweat in crowded rooms and halls, and get the usual con crud at the end, there's nothing like hanging out with thousands of other people that share your hobby and passion. While there are plenty of pop culture, anime, and fantasy/sci-fi conventions, many gamers are unaware that there are a good number of mmo conventions as well. A number of m...
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Oct 20 2016


Wizard101 cheating scandal
The magical world of the Wizard101 online rpg is known for several things, most noticeably of young practitioners of magic learning the mystical arts and wielding them against the forces of evil. At the center of the game's setting is the Ravenwood School of Mystical Arts, where arcane secrets are taught to enquiring minds. However, trouble is brewing as news of a massive Wizard101 cheating scandal has broken that implicates major staff members a...
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Feb 02 2015
wizard 101 50 million players
The Spiral is a fun fantasy mmo universe -- both Wizard101 and Pirate101 are based on it -- but were still surprised that they would becomes so fantastically popular to the tune of 50 million lifetime players. Yes, there are now 50 million Wizard101 and Pirate101 lifetime players in the world, which is more than the population of Spain, according to a new infographic celebrating the milestone.If you would like that in the context of US state...
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Nov 29 2014
Wizard101 adds four new dungeons
Dungeons are a core component of fantasy gaming, whether it's pen-and-paper roleplaying games or online mmorpg games. There's just something special about heading into the shadowy interiors of a mysterious dungeon in the pursuit of treasure and defeating monsters, but mostly about finding treasure. To that end, gamers should be pleased that KingsIsle Entertainment has announced that they've added four new Wizard101 dungeons for players to delve i...
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Nov 19 2014
Doctor Who comes to Wizard101
Players of the Wizard101 mmorpg who are fans of the long-running British sci-fi show Doctor Who are in for a treat. It seems that a version of the Doctor, the main character of the tv show, is the key figure in the Wizard101 Five B.O.X.E.S. event that is currently underway. Players can gain some cool rewards for taking part, such as gaining craftable mounts like the Ravenwood Pogo Stick. The release notes for the Wizard101 Five B.O.X.E.S. event ...
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Oct 03 2014
wizards 101 pirate101 launch
Did you like Wizard101? KingIsle Entertainment, the developers behind the charming and million-subscribed free rpg hopes you will feel the same way with Pirate101. The new free-to-play pirate mmo game has just unmoored from beta and is now running its head start period for select players. Pirate101 will then launch worldwide on October 15, and will be basically free to play like its older sibling online rpg, Wizard101. Head start players will b...
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Oct 09 2012