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Winning Putt First Look Gameplay - HD

Winning Putt First Look Gameplay - HD

Winning Putt is a free to play golf simulator developed and published by Webzen and Namco Bandai. It's an unusual game for Webzen, a company that is mostly known for its MMORPG list of free titles. Winning Putt caters mostly to golf fans but it's a nice change for those that want to try a sports based game. Users get the chance to become professional golf players. Gameplay features character creation and different game modes. Winning Putt has a complex character system that allows users to choose from two class types, increase favorite skills and customize avatars with gear. Multiple courses and golf fields provide unique challenges. Multiplayer is achieved with PvP game modes.

Players that are used to RPG games will find Winning Putt character system extremely familiar. All new players can select and customize a game avatar. Character creation continues with class selection. There are two types of golfers available: power and accuracy. This choices determines play style. Power classes are capable of forceful hits that send the ball across the golf field. Accuracy players specialize in directing the ball towards a destination. Each class has advantages and disadvantages. Power classes lose finesse while accuracy characters don't have the strength needed for powerful hits. Winning Putt characters also have attributes such as stamina, accuracy, swing or club related talents. Skills complete the character system. Skill customization enables players to design personalized golfers. A player's performance depends not just on skills but also on gear. Different types of clubs, balls and bags are available. New Winning Putt players start with basic equipment but better items are unlocked as players advance. Gadgets such as GPS devices are also available. Caddies are part of the game as well. These companions take care of the equipment, give information and even unlock extra abilities slots. Snacks like food and drinks help players maintain vitality during lengthy matches.

A successful shot depends on a number of factors. Winning Putt has an intuitive user interface that displays all needed information. Players should take into consideration the swing meter, ground slope, used club and wind meter before hitting the ball. Winning Putt is one of the sports MMO games that aim to create a realistic golf experience. Various courses with different terrain and difficulty prepare players for multiplayer contests. Obstacles such as trees, water or bunkers are found on a golf field. There are five game modes. Practice and Friendly rounds are a good way to train or play an unranked match against friends. Betting mode allows players to make extra profit. Ranked matches record players progress. Level 20 players unlock Tournament mode. Winning Putt has nice 3D graphics and crisp visuals.

By Rachel Rosen


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