WildStar previews the Warrior class

By Michael Jamias
wildstar warrior class preview

WildStar kicks off its class previews with the brutal sword-swinging, cannon-shooting Warrior.

Watch this WildStar Warrior devspeak video to see how the Warrior pummels, slashes and blows up enemies in slick combat commando style.

The main takeaway we got from the trailer is that the Warrior is designed to get up in your face, smash every bone in your body, and look super cool lugging around hulking hextech weaponry. If you spec his skills accordingly, the Warrior can go all-out damage or pure defensive tank, or a versatile frontline bruiser that knows equally how to give and take a lot of hurting.

The mmo class designers decided to give this seemingly typical Warrior archetype with a long-range twist by bestowing him with an energy cannon that blasts foes from afar (probably those fleeing from his terrifying assault.)

With his long-range cannon and multiple gap-closers, the Warrior can become annoyingly sticky even against the most mobile of targets. Whether this proves to be frustratingly OP in the action online rpg is still up for debate, which is why the developers are inviting everyone to sign up for beta and give the Warrior -- and all the other still-to-be-previewed classes -- an early whirl.


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