WildStar Teases More Warplots Details

By Jeff Francis
WildStar teases warplots details

Battling other players in mmo games is enjoyable, but what happens when you mix PvP with the elements of player housing? In the case of WildStar, you get their Warplots system. While Carbine Studios have talked about this new system before, today the devs teased some WildStar Warplots details. In their standard humorous style, the latest DevSpeak video shows more highlights of this feature.

WildStar warplots

What is intriguing about the Warplots in WildStar is how players can fully customize their own particular battleground. Items and entities you find while adventuring across Nexus can be used to stock your own little slice of brutal heaven. Players can indulge their inner dungeon lord as they seek to craft the most impenetrable defenses that they can muster, all while figuring out the best way to crack their opponent's Warplot and win.

Warplots become available in the mmo once players hit level fifty. Players can have multiple warplots to build as they desire, modifying the terrain, structures, and defenses. There are risks associated with losing though as that the warplot of the loser is destroyed, having to be rebuilt. PvP battles should be suitably epic as the Warplots are set up for 40 vs 40 action. Players can win their battle by killing all the enemy players, disabling structures, or destroying generators. Winners also get sweet, sweet loot bags as a reward.


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