WildStar previews the Stalker class

By Michael Jamias
wildstar stalker class preview

The Stalker class finally reveals itself as the last of initially four confirmed WildStar cast.

But before we break down this Wolverine lite's abilities, let's cut first to this WildStar Stalker video:

The WildStar Stalker prefers to strike like an assassin instead of running at enemies head-on. What they lack in supernatural regeneration or magical power they make up for in high tech know-how, using a combination of gadgets and nano-skin to subdue their foes.

Unlike the typical rogue types running around rpg games in the shadows, the Stalker can in fact be spotted and not drop dead, when specced right. See the Stalker can be built as a tank that can dish out sick crowd control and debuff effects on enemies. This is not to say that you can't build the Stalker like the standard DPS stealth fighter, slashing and inflicting viruses on your unfortunate prey.

Just that you can opt to give this traditionally squishy mmorpg class archetype a bit more survivability and utility. Whether you go all-out damage dealer or play a frontline tank, the key to playing a Stalker is being able to manage his or her suit power for maximum damage or disruption.


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