WildStar previews Spellslinger class

By Michael Jamias
wildstar spellslinger class

Shoot down foes till they're a pile of dirt -- that's the deadly credo of WildStar's Spellslinger class.

Packing two magic-infused blasters, the Spellslinger is constantly causing one of three things: Destruction with his dual mag pistols, rage as opponents get taunted by his hackneyed Western barbs, and swooning heard 'round the online rpg from the Spellslinger's slick hats and moves.

The Spellslinger class can spec into either the DPS or Healer role. As a damage dealer, the Spellslinger unleashes a barrage of Arcane Missiles and Flame Burst that can obliterate even the sturdiest of targets. Meanwhile, as a healbot, the Spellslinger can use abilities such as Regenerative Pulse and Sustain to keep the whole party in the pink of health.

This WildStar Spellslinger devspeak video gives the lowdown on this trigger-happy, dimension-hopping son of a gun.

As described in the video, Spellslingers are highly mobile ranged assassins that can be specced to deal steady damage, burst charged attacks, crowd control, or friendly fire heals.

They do so using their four-point power kit consisting of their aforementioned dual blasters, space-bending portals, magical sigils and nimble light armor. Our favorite of these are the portals for their body-swapping and overall tricksy potential either in PvE or PvP play -- enough for us to bet that this is one of first things that will be nerfed as MMO fans fall prey to expert Spellslingers.


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