WildStar commences second closed beta featuring Dominion faction

By Michael Jamias
wildstar second closed beta dominion faction

The first WildStar beta is done. But don’t fret – another one has quickly taken its place.

This second WildStar beta, subtitled as "The Dominion", shifts its focus to the same-named second faction and is notably more inclusive as it removes the beta region lock from European players.

The Dominion faction serves as a powerful foil to the Exile faction, which was featured in the first beta, and consists of the Cassian humans, Draken and Mechari races. Four classes will be available to play between these races: Esper, Stalker, Spellslinger and Warrior.

Developer NCsoft is determined to show why this galactic empire is a force to be reckoned with when the online rpg launches.

Fans of WildStar will be able to explore fresh faction-specific locations, as well as entirely new zones that will make it to the final version of the online rpg, starting with level 3-6 Crimson Isle zone up to the level 22-30 Whitevale zone.

Dungeon runners can look forward to testing their mettle on The Ruins of Kel Voreth designed for level 20 and up. Meanwhile, PvP patrons should dust up their contact gear for the all-new 10-vs-10 capture-the-flag Battleground: Smash & Grab. The battleground is notable for becoming available as early as level 3 all the way up to the beta level cap of 30, allowing players of all progression to taste some PvP action.

The fantasy mmorpg is in the process of sending out the second beta mailers, so keep those inboxes refreshed and those spam folders checked for stray invites.


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