WildStar release date rumored to be on June 3

By Michael Jamias
wildstar release date leak

You gotta love rumor leaks, and this one's especially tasty since it not only drops the WildStar release date but also the WildStar pre-order date.

The whole mmo games community went crazy when Gamerzines blog posted -- then removed -- a news report that WildStar will be dropping on June 3. The site said the confirmed date came from a now-private YouTube video that was supposedly going to serve as WildStar pre-order teaser.

Here's a snapshot taken from that video and has been circulating Reddit and other rpg fan forums:

WildStar rumored preorder package

From here, we can see the list of pre-order perks to include access to Beta weekends, a 3-day head start beginning May 31, an in-game storage bag, exclusive rocket house and exclusive housing trophy. If we're to believe the leak, the pre-orders will begin next week on March 19.

Now, we have to stress that this leak has not been confirmed as true yet by NCsoft and Carbine Studios, and for all we know this could be an elaborate hoax.

But we're leaning more towards this being all true. If accurate, the pre-order perks won't likely change anymore but the leak could push back the pre-order launch (and effectively, the release date) as the marketing people draw up another strategy to hype up the release date announcement.


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