WildStar is now available for preorder

By Tam Mageean
wildstar preorder

Those of you wishing to board a spaceship to the legendary, Planet Nexus are now one step closer as the WildStar preorder campaign begins.

There are two different preorder tiers for the upcoming mmorpg; depending on whether you want the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition.

The Standard Edition comes with 30 days of free, subscriptionless playtime, 3 guest passes (granting 7 days of free play time each) and an Eldan Housing Decor item. For preordering the Standard Edition, you'll also get beta access, a 3-day head start, some exclusive, in-game items and the ability to reserve your desired player name, prior to launch.

WildStar screenshot

The Deluxe Edition has all of the Standard Edition perks, plus and Eldan hoverboard, an Eldan augmentation costume, an Eldan title and "Eldan Dye".

There are, strangely, no additional pre-order perks for the Deluxe Edition when compared with the Standard Edition, meaning you'll get the same 3-day head start, in-game items, and all the rest.

The Standard Edition weighs in at $60, and the Deluxe at a reasonable $75. Both editions are digital download only. NCSoft's WildStar is tipped to be one of the biggest and best mmo games launching in 2014, with advanced, well thought out PvP and a huge variety of planets and virtual worlds to explore.

Wildstar is primed for launch on June 3rd.


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