WildStar Reveals Details of Upcoming Power of the Primal Matrix Update

By Jeff Francis
WildStar reveals Power of the Primal Matrix features

A big heaping helping of fresh new content is coming soon to WildStar with a new update, and mmorpg players have a lot to look forward to. Carbine Studios released today some of the key features of the WildStar Power of the Primal Matrix update that is hitting the test server next week. There's a new dungeon full of dangerous foes, but the main part of the update is the new alternative advancement system for level 50 players.

The features revealed so far for the WildStar Power of the Primal Matrix update include:

Primal Matrix: The Primal Matrix system unlocks the latent power in every hero on Nexus, allowing for additional character progression beyond level 50. Through Drusera you’ll be able to further increase your power by way of Primal Essence—an element that’s collected in and spent through the Primal Matrix interface—allowing you to customize and unlock your newfound potential, including new class abilities. Primal Essence is collected by engaging in a wide variety of content, including instanced PvE, PvP, Daily Quests, Contracts, and throughout the world itself.

WildStar dungeon

Prime Difficulty Scaling: We’re introducing a new difficulty scaling feature for an initial selection of our classic PvE content (with more coming in the future). When queuing for a supported Expedition or dungeon at level 50 you’ll have the option to set a Prime difficulty level for the instance. Prime levels will offer greater challenges from enemies, and increased rewards with item drops that scale relative to the difficulty of the instance.

Coldblood Citadel: Harizog Coldblood, warlord and the leader of the Osun in the north, has been killed while defending the Vault of the Archon. Though many other Osun met a similar fate alongside their master, many more survived and were left within the confines of the Fortress of Kel Havik to brood and plan their revenge against the offworlders. They have left the Hall of the Hundred behind, moving instead to their warlord’s ancient holdfast—Coldblood Citadel. In this new scalable 5-player Prime dungeon, you’ll be called upon to strike at the very heart of the Osun plot.

Evil from the Ether: The Mordesh lost contact with the transport ship Zarkhov's Shade not long after it left Grismara. Now, its derelict husk has drifted close enough to Nexus for an enterprising business-Ekose, like Captain Weir, to dock with it and see what remains that might be worth taking… though it might be more than he bargained for. Set off on this new 1–5 player scalable Prime Expedition, and discover what dark secrets this derelict ship holds.

The developers will release more details on the upcoming WildStar Power of the Primal Matrix update in the foreseeable future. For an mmo that has had more than its fair share of bumps and bruises, it's nice to see it continue to chug along and add new content and features.


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