WildStar confirmed for June 3 launch date

By Michael Jamias
wildstar official launch date

Mark your calendars: WildStar is officially releasing on June 3, with Carbine Studios confirming the swirl of rumors. Virtually all of the leak details turned out to be true, including the WildStar preorder launch date of March 19, which is already Wednesday next week.

This WildStar preorder trailer tries its best to get you onboard the preorder hype rocket:

But the mmo studio revealed more juicy details: The preorder will cost you $59.99, but it justifies itself with preorder bonuses like entry to all beta events, a three-day early access beginning May 31, a housing deco that also doubles as a rest XP bonus boost, a 10-slot in-game bag and finally something all you steampunk fans will cherish: Your own rocket house.

Mind you, those were just the pre-order bonuses that you’ll get on top of the WildStar Standard Edition package consisting of 30 days of play time, buddy passes and a bunch of minor housing deco.

If you've got more cash to spare for this fantasy themepark online rpg, you can even upgrade to a Digital Deluxe version that comes with a cool hoverboard, among other visual customization goodies.


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