WildStar hosts huge beta giveaway

By Tam Mageean
wildstar giveaway

Since PAX 2013, WildStar has been hotly tipped as one of the mmorpg games to watch in 2014, and as more and more info about the space-aged, sci-fi mmo hits the press, the more the crew at Carbine Studios prove the critics right.

The prospective mmorpg has revealed a bunch of new intel lately, and at the turn of February, hosted their first bout of beta testing, which has piqued the interests of many more gamers.

Earlier today, Twitter and Reddit were alive with rumors that some big WildStar news was on its way, and mere hours later, 40,000 potential beta keys were cast out into cyberspace, up for grabs by anyone.

The WildStar beta keys are specifically for the upcoming beta weekend, which commences on February 21st, running until February 23rd/24th (depending on where you live).

The key giveaway is first come, first serve, so get in there fast! You can apply via the official link here while it lasts. The microsite has been wrought with traffic, so apply quickly, if you haven't already.

No talk yet of what this beta session will be specifically testing, if anything, but hopefully it will give us all a better glimpse of the fascinating new world of Nexus.

Fear not if you're late to the punch; the WildStar team promise that this is just one of many beta campaigns, with plenty more "special opportunities" arising in the near future.


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