WildStar dev diary discuss game-defining aiming feature

By Michael Jamias
wildstar free form targeting

WildStar is introducing a so-called Free Form targeting system that developers believe is a breakthrough for the MMO genre.

In the video, developers show why Free Form targeting is an improvement from the traditional tab-targeting method used in many other online rpg games.

From the look of it, the Free Form targeting method makes it all the more crucial for WildStar players to master positioning. Attack, defensive, tanking and even healing skills all need to be aimed just right for it to hit a target or bestow its boon to an ally.

For MMO veterans who may be used to the old tab-targeting ways, WildStar developers note that there are several visual aids that will help transition players into the new Free Form targeting method.

As seen in the video, the effect radius of a skill is marked by a colored area and there are various attack shapes for each class, making it less monotonous and more fulfilling to master.

WildStar is currently in closed beta, so fans might just have to wait a while longer before getting a full hands-on with this supposedly groundbreaking aiming system.


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