Trailer shows WildStar's crazy side

By Michael Jamias
wildstar flick adventures

Leave it to the guys at Carbine Studios to always make interesting trailers for their upcoming fantasy mmorpg, WildStar.

This latest 3-minute video titled WildStar Flick: Adventures tries to shake off perceptions that WildStar is just a generic cutesy online rpg. In fact, WildStar can get split-personality crazy:

If there's anything we can take away from this amusing trailer, it's that WildStar has got some edge to it. Adventures can and will get a bit hairy. Your in-game choices may also have some grave consequences down the line, or alternatively, open up lucrative opportunities.

For a game that has the word "wild" in its title, plenty of players think of WildStar as a harmless romp due to its bright, cartoony visuals. But now we know you can't just log in and breeze through the content as if on auto-pilot. Adventures will likely be challenging and highly interactive.

The video is also another testament to the quirky humor in the online rpg, which has made it into one of the most anticipated releases this year. We'll need to see though whether the actual game manages to capture the offbeat personality of the promotional materials -- so Carbine hurry up with those beta keys!


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