WildStar previews the Esper class

By Michael Jamias
wildstar esper class preview

Mind over matter, they say, and it's an adage that WildStar's Esper class tries to live up to.

The Esper class literally thinks things into existence, and their favorite just happens to be sharp psy-blades that cut as cleanly as a butcher's well-sharpened cleaver.

If not mincing targets with their mind-made blades, Espers fill their opponents' thoughts with malignant illusions that can weaken even the most resolute heroes. Or they can be soothing the mental and physical health of allies with their panacea illusions.

In terms of combat and team roles, the Esper can slip into a support healer role that focuses on getting health back up and curing all sorts of nasty ailments. Or they can spec into DPS and torment targets with their shock waves and spectral horrors.

See this psychokinetic illusionist in action in this WildStar Esper devspeak video:

Instead of mana like typical mages in mmorpg games, Espers use psi-points as its unique resource system. Espers build up psi-points by casting "builder" abilities and can spend the accumulated psi-points by casting "finisher" abilities.

The amount of psi-points you use amplifies the damage and effects of finisher abilities, so you will have to pick carefully which finisher abilities to cast and how frequently to cast them. Doing so will let you put out maximum destruction and disruption on the unfortunate foes you will be facing in the upcoming online rpg.


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