WildStar previews the Engineer class

By Michael Jamias
wildstar engineer class

The sixth and final WildStar class has been unveiled -- the Engineer class!

While other classes might opt for subtlety or finesse, the Engineer is quite the opposite, running into battle armed with a humongous launcher that packs a wallop.

The Engineer then sends out bots to serve his bidding. One command from their master sends them into a helping or hating frenzy, assisting the Engineer recover from attacks or assaulting targets with great precision.

Watch the Engineer class devspeak video to learn more about this tech-powered grease monkey:

WildStar engineers are also a far cry from the brainy but defenseless genius stereotype. They actually enter MMORPG battle donning a special Exo suit that makes them tougher and look stylishly mecha.

For its resource, the Engineer uses Volatility which controls how he can execute his Launcher abilities.

Just like all the other five previously previewed classes, the Engineer can take on two combat roles in the online rpg. You can spec the Engineer as a dedicated DPS and watch him disintegrate foes by bombarding targets with his cannon blasts and artillery bot fire.

Want a sturdier Engineer? Then go for a full tank build that uses Bruiser bots to help take aggro and absorb punishment away from the team, among other frontline abilities.

The Engineer is available to play on both factions -- Exile (Human, Granok and Mordesh races) and Dominion (Cassian, Chua and Mechari).



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