WildStar reveals Dominion playable faction and its three member races

By Michael Jamias
wildstar dominion faction races

The Dominion playable faction will have three confirmed races: The technologically advanced Cassians, the robotic Mechari assassins and the savage Draken warriors.

WildStar developer Bastion described the Dominion faction as a controlling interstellar empire that uses military force, religion and advanced technology to retain its iron grip over its territories. The Dominion was established by the Eldan a millennium ago and now vies for control of Nexus to secure their dominance in the galaxy.

Watch the two-minute video below to get a more comprehensive back story about the Dominion and how they differ from the rebellion alliance of the Exiles, the first revealed faction for the upcoming online rpg.

The trailer also shows us the three member races that form the core of the Dominion faction. First are the Draken, a race of bestial fighters that resemble demons with their twin horns and long tails. The second are the sentinel assassins of the Mechari bred for killing. The last are the human Cassians who have taken a strong leadership role in keeping the Dominion in power.

In the same announcement, Bastion also unveiled the fourth WildStar class, the Stalker, which wields stealth and nanotechnology to annihilate its foes. Aside from its deadly claws, the Stalker also decimates the battlefield with mines. A separate video shows us a sample combo you can perform with this invisible killer during an MMO quest.


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