WildStar developer diary explains why most abilites are mobile cast

By Michael Jamias
wildstar developer diary ability mechanics

Stationary casting is so passe, according to the folks behind WildStar.

The latest WildStar developer diary reveals that combat will be extremely mobile, with players being able to chase foes and dodge skillshots while their cast timers and channeled abilities are charging up.

Watch the WildStar Devspeak: Ability Mechanics video to see how they have basically translated arcade combat for the online rpg genre:

WildStar developers wanted to avoid the stale ability casting method used in most mmorpg games where players just press a button then wait for the damage spell or heal to take effect.

But in WildStar, you may be asked to press and hold a button as a challed spell so you can position yourself before letting go of the button to fire off that last hit. Some abilities require you to repeatedly tap a button, while others let you keep charges indefinitely and you can release as you please without the pressure of the charges fizzling.

Developers said that the more reactive nature of abilities in WildStar allows players to survive the game's fast-paced, dynamic and very mobile fights. It's safe to say that given this ability system, we expect twitch-trigger players to really shine in WildStar.


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