In WildStar, crowd control effects are escapable

By Michael Jamias
wildstar crowd control devspeak

WildStar developers will allow players to escape crowd control effects by having quick enough reflexes.

The WildStar crowd control devspeak video fully shows how this interesting new system works, and why it should make stunlocks a thing of the past.

In other mmo games, players can be stunned and leave them helpless for a good few seconds, just watching their character get beaten up and eventually killed.

But WildStar wants gamers to take back a semblance of control even when under crowd control. Disarmed players will be able to get back their weapons faster if they pick it up on the battlefield, or recover from a stun by quickly pressing a button.

This is what developers refer to as breakout gameplay. Players can literally break out from nasty crowd control effects through tactical combat maneuvers.

From a combat design standpoint, this actually lowers the effectiveness and reliability of crowd control in the online rpg since there will always be counterplay to them.

But at the same time, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Players will now need to weigh their tactical options -- do I destroy this crowd control tether that's keeping me from moving away or do I just outright burst down the nearby enemy? -- and possibly pave the way for more active and exciting combat.


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